About 1,000 Ks 4 Kids

In September 2011, a group of 19 riders and 10 support crew from Newcastle, decided to take part in a 400km ride from Armidale to Maitland. This formed the event initially called “Ride 4 kids”. Due to the great success of the event with the ride exceeding the predicted income and raising $114,500 in its first year, it was decided that the challenge bar needed to be set higher in year two and so the Camp Quality 1000 Ks 4 Kids was born.

Thanks to the dedication and commitment of the growing number of riders and support crew, that participate in the ride along with the supporters who sponsor them on their way, the ride has raised over $2,000,347 to support kids with cancer. This money has helped Camp Quality to continue delivering essential services that provide a better quality of life for children living with cancer and their families across Australia.

To this day, the Camp Quality 1,000 Ks 4 Kids continues to grow with the challenge now being split amongst various rides, catering for everyone from a novice rider who wants to take on a challenge to a hard core cyclist.

Be part of this small group of ordinary people who take on a huge challenge for some special kids and as one team accomplish the extraordinary!



Rides: 3
Riders: 68
Support crew: 51
Distance: 2,159km
Funds raised: $614,848


Rides: 1
Riders: 34
Support crew: 28
Distance: 1,000km
Funds raised: $384,000


Rides: 1
Riders: 37
Support crew: 22
Distance: 1,000km
Funds raised: $300,518


Rides: 1
Riders: 35
Support crew: 17
Distance: 1,000km
Funds raised: $333,676


Rides: 1
Riders: 30
Support crew: 11
Distance: 1,000km
Funds raised: $269,220


Rides: 1
Riders: 19
Support crew: 10
Distance: 400km
Funds raised: $114,585

1,000 Ks 4 Kids
1,000 Ks 4 Kids