Preparation & Fitness

The Camp Quality 1,000 Ks 4 Kids Newcastle requires a VERY HIGH level of fitness to complete. While it is not a race, riders must be able to maintain an average speed of between 22km per hour and 25km per hour and have sufficient strength and cardio fitness to ride over undulating roads. It is one thing to be able to ride 100km in a day but the ability to back that up over 10 consecutive days is a very different level of fitness both physically and mentally.

The fitter you are, the more you can enjoy the many team challenges and enjoy the social aspects of the ride.

Each rider’s fitness will be assessed on an ongoing basis by their team captains and feedback provided. Each rider must demonstrate their fitness by taking part and achieving set goals in set Qualifiers. These Qualifiers are designed to test fitness levels and the skills required to ride as a group over a long period of time. Failure to demonstrate the required level of fitness can compromise the running of the event and can be a safety issue for other riders and you will not be permitted to participate.

Requirements and Qualifiers


  • Tired riders lose concentration and make mistakes – this is a safety threat to the group
  • The fitter you are – the more you will enjoy the ride


  • Complete pre-riding questionnaire
  • Attend information night for the ride (interstate people will be required to sign off they have read the information provided)
  • Attend a skills training event and demonstrate competences (interstate riders required to be signed off on August Qualifier ride)
  • Download the app Strava and join the ride's Strava club to demonstrate achievement of fitness requirements
  • Join Fitness Forum Facebook page and contribute with the training you are doing
  • Accept that if determined to not be fit enough to complete the ride by riding committee (regardless of fundraising) you will not be permitted to attend as it is a threat to safety

For more information on requirements and qualifiers, please refer to the RIDEarpedia.


1,000 Ks 4 Kids
1,000 Ks 4 Kids